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Calling all Symphony Soldiers looking to pursue a career in music!!


If you’re a The Cab fan and their journey as a band has inspired you to dedicate your life to making music into a career, or maybe Angel With A Shotgun is just your power anthem, email! We’re starting a top-secret project that we’d love for you to be a part of! Looking forward to hearing from you! 


we-llgrowupandbekids-deactivate asked: "that post was just beautiful because it took all my emotions and thoughts and put it into coherent sentences so thank you so so much for that. It was so sweet and thoughtful, unlike the good number of people on twitter who just say the first things that come out of their mouths. I hope Alex sees it and knows we are here for him!"

Aw love, that’s really sweet! I promise Alex knows that. 

Anonymous asked: "I love that recent post. It was so sweet and I'm so happy, someone said something. I felt so bad. I honestly don't think it was any of our lovely soldiers. Just some new fans coming along, that don't know how we roll. Thank you."

Thank you so much, I’m glad you agree. For the most part, Symphony Soldiers are the absolute best and that’s why it’s kinda jarring when things like this happen. <3 It’s not just newer fans, though! A lot of the ones doing it had been around for a while. Older fans act like they have a right to make fun of Alex because they love him so much. And to an extent, okay, ya do. I know we do. We can, will and have made fun of these boys all day long. (If you didn’t know, Helen is the founder of The Cab Day and Patty was the one crying in Sh*t Symphony Solders Say) The difference (and this is the thing a lot of fanbases have issue with, not just us) is ut the person who gets to decide if the jokes are loving isn’t the one doing the teasing, it’s the one getting teased. So if Alex is clearly upset by a joke, stop making it! Common sense! 

Again, thanks so much for the message, we’ll always be around to stick up for our favorite boys. Always. 

Listen, Alex is a people person. It’s why he’s so close to every one of his fans, it’s why he’ll stay out until 2am to get to know you after a show. He’s proud to know your name and where you’re from. He loves getting to know people. People who have things to share. People who have stories to tell him. People he looks up to. People he can learn from. Who cares if those people are famous? Who cares if he gets excited to meet them and tweets about it?

He doesn’t care how old you are or what your job is, if you’re a member of One Direction or a 13 year old in a puffy paint tee shirt. Because you know what the coolest part of fandom is? It doesn’t discriminate. You can be a fan of Alex and a fan of things Alex is a fan of and be happy about it when your worlds collide. His fans are the ones who call him a name dropper and it needs to stop because the truth of the matter is, he doesn’t like it. It hurts him a lot, especially when it comes from the Symphony Soldiers he’d do anything for. He’s not a name dropper. Alex is a friend and he’s a fan, just like you, but most of all: he’s a people person. That’s why we love him.

1st of December, 2012; New York City, NY.

The Cab’s Endlessly music video teaser from The Insider livechat. (x)


Here’s a crappy cell phone video of the Endlessly teaser on The Insider’s web chat, just in case anyone missed it.